Aqura Phanthadeth, Executive VP

Aqura Phanthadeth

AZ Executive Vice President 2018-2019

Local Chapter: ASU

About Me:

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona on July 11, 1997. I am the oldest child with two younger brothers. I am currently studying two majors: Business Management and Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University. I’ve been involved with FBLA since my freshman year of high school and I joined PBL at the beginning of freshman year in fall 2015. I previously worked at a yogurt shop for 4 years and interned at Make-A-Wish Foundation America this past summer. During the school year, I work at one of the ASU tutoring centers, and tutor in multiple subjects.

FBLA-PBL Involvement:

Boulder Creek High School VP of Conferences & Competitions (2012 – 2015)

Arizona State University Director of Skills (2015 – 2017)

Arizona State University Executive Vice President (2017 -Present)

State Executive Vice President (2018 – Present)

Competitive Events:

2nd Place in Computer Applications at PBL State Leadership Conference 2018

1st Place in Management Analysis & Decision Making at PBL Winter Leadership Conference 2018

2nd Place in Organizational Behavior & Leadership at PBL Winter Leadership Conference 2018

2nd Place in Computer Concepts at PBL Winter Leadership Conference 2018


I take an interest in everything so I don’t have a set hobby. I do enjoy hiking, roller skating, exercising, reading, zip lining, traveling, hanging with friends, and simply relaxing.